Education & Training

Our company engages in two main streams of education and training:

  • Updating of curricula of agricultural and veterinary colleges or technical schools: creating a long-term impact by upgrading educational standards, including training of teaching staff and provision of international exposure
  • Short-term training courses as part of each project in all sectors: creating subject matter specific knowledge. These courses are held either regularly as part of a programme (such as the Better Training for Safer Food on animal identification) or embedded in a training institution (such as the DAZ in Kazakhstan) or one-off as required by the project objectives (such as currently applied in China, India, Morocco and Zambia).

Interview with ADT team leader in Ukraine on Agriculture Education

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  • China: German – Chinese cattle breeding project
  • China: German – Chinese project to foster livestock breeding in China
  • Germany, Russia and Uzbekistan: Organsation and management of vocational training courses for Russian dairy herd managers
  • Kazakhstan: DAZ – German Agrarian Training and Information Centre in Kazakhstan
  • Moldova: Improving Food safety in the Republic of Moldova
  • Morocco: German – Moroccan Center of Excellence for Agriculture (CECAMA)
  • Multi-country: Better Training for Safer Food – Animal identification, registration and traceability
  • Poland: Vocational training: Management and developping pig meat farms to enhance rational use of basic production inputs and according to the EU requirements
  • Ukraine: DAZ – German Agricultural Training and Information Centre in Ukraine
  • Ukraine: Improvement of Agricultural Education at Colleges in Ukraine