Veterinary and Food safety

This is a very important sector in our project portfolio and it is closely linked with our expertise in the livestock and crop production sector.
Healthy livestock, produced in a sustainable, climate smart manner, is the prerequisite for safe food of animal origin. Strategies to combat zoonotic and emerging diseases with the potential to affect human health, are embedded in the One Health approach and follow the Tri-partite principles set out by FAO, OIE and WHO.

Ranging from specific livestock disease control programmes to Veterinary Public Health, the in-house expertise as well as experts from collaborating international veterinary and food safety institutions lead to the appropriate solutions.
Expertise on biosecurity, HACCP and ISO accreditation to establish and maintain food safety standards has been provided to several projects.


  • Moldova: Improving Food safety in the Republic of Moldova
  • Multi-country: Organization and implementation of training activities on animal identification, registration and traceability under the “Better Training for Safer Food” initiative (CHAFEA)
    Multi-country: The animal identification and traceability solution platform
  • Russian Federation: Improvement of Food Safety and Consumer Protection in the Russian Federation (Phase 2)
  • Serbia: Technical assistance for animal identification and registration
  • Kosovo: Strengthening of Public Veterinary Services
  • Tanzania: Development and operation of an enhanced livestock identification and traceability system integrated with an animal health information system in Tanzania
  • Albania: Monitoring the health of small ruminants
  • India: Assessment of the Animal Health Worker training provided by Green Colleges in Jharkhand, India