Livestock is the largest user of land resources, a significant source of nutrition and generates continuously substantial farm income. Our expertise in this sector covers all livestock species as well as horses in a wide range of farming systems from smallholder mixed farming to pastoral, commercial grazing and intensive livestock systems.

ADT provides customized services to small-, medium and large-scale livestock farming systems applying best available practices and technologies on feeding, breeding, reproduction, management, according to the specific conditions and needs of the relevant target groups.


ADT with its long standing international experience in livestock husbandry is prepared to provide tailor-made technical assistance for a sustainable sector development. Relevant projects contain to a large extend components on training, education and extension and focus on the resource efficiency and environmental impact of relevant production systems.

Animal welfare has always been part of our approach to livestock based projects, however, given the latest developments in European legislation and increased global awareness, this has become a focus area of our work.


  • China: German-Chinese Cattle Breeding Project
  • China: German-Chinese Project to Foster Livestock Breeding in China
  • China: German-Chinese Project to Foster Animal Breeding and Husbandry, Phase II
  • Estonia: Improvement of Porc Production Systems in Pärnu and Viljandi Counties 96 – 99
  • Morocco: German-Moroccan Center of Excellence for Agriculture (CECAMA)
  • Oman: Feasibility Study on Meat Production and Processing Project
  • Russian Federation: PPP: Further Development of modern milk and meat production technologies in the Russian Federation
  • Russian Federation: Contributions to the improvement of the value chain “milk” in Oblast Kaliningrad
  • Zambia: Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector – Dairy value chain in Zambia