International Project Management & Consulting

Our Expertise

ADT Project Consulting GmbH provides a wide range of services in five inter related fields of competences, i.e. Livestock, Veterinary & Food Safety, Agriculture, Rural Development and Agribusiness which are constantly provided as part of our Technical Assistance projects financed by the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the GIZ, EU (Phare, EAR, CARDS, MEDA, TACIS, PRINT, and IPA), World Bank, US Agency for International Development, Inter-American Development Bank and FAO as well as private clients. Please click on each area to find more on our approach to each specific subject.


  • Animal husbandry and breeding
  • Animal Breeding and Recording Services
  • Herd management and reproduction
  • Animal feeding technologies
  • Animal feeding and fodder production
  • Animal welfare
  • Processing and marketing of milk, meat or wool
  • Livestock services
  • Livestock economics and policy advice


  • Agriculture production systems
  • Crop production and mechanisation
  • Farm business development
  • Management and information systems
  • Advisory services
  • Training centres and vocational training
  • Farm associations/producer groups
  • Processing and marketing
  • Environmental protection and climate change

Veterinary & Food Safety

  • Veterinary and food legislation and policy
  • Animal identification and traceability
  • Animal health and disease surveillance
  • One Health Concept
  • International food trade
  • Veterinary and food inspection
  • Food hygienes
  • Quality assurance of milk and meat
  • Consumer protection

Rural Development

  • EU policy and programmes
  • Rural development projects
  • EU accession assistance
  • Capacity building and organisational development
  • Sector studies
  • Biodiversity
  • Pasture management
  • Agri-environment measures
  • Organic farming systems and technologies


  • Public Private Partnership (PPP-projects)
  • Value chain development
  • Market analyses and feasibility studies
  • Investment and financial planning
  • SME development
  • Export promotion and exhibitions
  • Economic co-operation
  • Consultancy and strategic support
  • Organisation and workshops and conferences