Agricultural Value Chains & Services

ADT has relevant systematic expertise in the development of agricultural value chains. Once value chains have been analyzed and development potentials have been identified, we support the different actors to promote their co-operation and to facilitate their integration through digitalization and using relevant information systems.

Target groups are not only farmers and employees of agricultural enterprises, but also specialists in both upstream and downstream sectors, agricultural organizations, self-help institutions and associations as well as competent monitoring and control institutions. We offer services and information systems integrating value chains such as animal breeding and recording, animal identification and traceability, quality assurance, animal health and food safety and surveillance. A core part of our delivery in technical assistance projects constitutes the design and implementation of digital solutions.


We have specific know-how on the development of animal identification and traceability systems for the purposes of animal traceability, animal health, animal breeding and recording, quality management and stock theft prevention. Relevant animal identification and traceability systems were developed from scratch including the drafting of legislation, the specification of the business processes and the work flows, the customization of the software and its roll-out into the field. From 2013 to 2017 ADT provided training for animal identification, registration and traceability under the Better Training Safer Food (BTSF) initiative.


  • Albania: Milk sector study in the Republic of Albania for the preparation of IPARD programme
  • Albania: Assessment to define the current status of the Albanian milk quality testing system
  • Montenegro: Preparation of a meat sector study for the IPARD programme
  • Oman: Feasibility Study on Meat Production and Processing Project
  • Russian Federation: Contributions to the improvement of the value chain “milk” in Oblast Kaliningrad
  • Turkey: Building knowledge bridges on dairy farm management for the future
  • Uzbekistan: Consulting services in the dairy value chain in the district Kurgantepa
  • Uzbekistan: Analysis of the dairy supply chain and identification of measures to develop the dairy sector
  • Zambia: Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food sector – dairy value chain in Zambia
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina: Information Technology – Information management strategy concept development related to EU compliant Animal Identification and Registration in SVO
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina: Information Technology – Information Management Consulting Services for the information System of the Veterinary Service of the Repbulika Srpska
  • Botswana: Review of the Botswana Livestock Identification and Traceability System
  • Ethiopia: Development of the Livestock Identification and traceability System database of Ethiopia
  • Jamaica: National Animal Identification and Traceability System for Jamaica
  • Montenegro: Animal Identification and Registration
  • Multi-country: The Animal Identification and Traceability Solution Platform
  • Multi-country: Organisation and implementation of training activities on animal identification, registration and traceability, BTSF
  • Serbia: Technical assistance for animal identification and registration
  • Suriname: Animal Identification, Registration and Traceability System in Suriname
  • Tanzania: Enhanced Livestock Identification and Traceability System integrated with an Animal Health Information System in Tanzania
  • Germany: Consultancy service for further development of Allgäuer Herdbuchgesellschaft (AHG)
  • Multi-country: Technical assistance to define the strategic plan for the future of EuroGenomics