FABU Project Steering Committee

Mr. Rittner (BMEL), Ms. Ishchenko (AGROOSVITA), Mr. Geyta (FABU)

During the FABU project steering committee meeting held on Friday 22 February 2019 in Kiev, Ukraine, all project stakeholders expressed their satisfaction with the performance of the project. Mr. Rittner (BMEL), Mrs. Ishchenko (AGROOSVITA) and Mrs. Zayets (MAPE) emphasized the positive process and impact achieved during the last year 2018 of implementation.

The Ministry for Education and Science of Ukraine formally expressed its gratitude with the cooperation and emphasized the improvements achieved so far by an official letter. Specifically, during the first year of implementation, the curricula and standards for selected specializations at the Ukrainian Agricultural Colleges were updated, lecturers of the colleges were successfully trained in various teaching modules related to animal production, veterinary, mechanization, agronomy and electricity and a series of workshops on various topics conducted by German experts were offered. In addition, the facilities of the Scientific-Methodological Center “AGROOSVITA” and the four pilot agricultural colleges with material and technical resources for teaching were considerably improved.

The objective of this bilateral cooperation project is to upgrade the educational standards and curricula at Agricultural Colleges in Ukraine in order to match better the high demand of Ukrainian agricultural enterprises of skilled young professionals. The project is funded by the bilateral cooperation program of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and is mandated for an initial contract period of three years.