International Project Management & Consulting

Welcome to ADT Project Consulting GmbH

ADT Projekt is now ADT Project Consulting

With over 20 years of experience in international technical cooperation and project implementation the new name ADT Project Consulting stands for both the position we have reached today and our future orientation as international consulting company in the agricultural and food sector. Our worldwide experience with different production systems and value chains under a variety of economic, ecological and social conditions makes us today a worldwide competence partner in the development of a modern competitive and sustainable agricultural and food sector.

ADT Project Consulting GmbH is an innovative and reliable German consulting firm that focuses on planning and implementing international projects in the areas of agriculture, food and rural development. Our core competence lies in the provision of professional consultation, technical assistance, training and project management for public and private donors as well as for our clients in partner countries. Since 1995 we have been working for governments, development agencies, public institutions as well as for enterprises and organisations of agriculture and the food industry in more than 50 countries. For many years we have been providing sustainable concepts and effective solutions to the benefit of our clients and partners.

Our vision is a sustainable and competitive agriculture in tune with the environment, healthy and safe food that complies with international quality and safety standards and consumer expectations. With our services we want to contribute towards exploiting the development potential in the agricultural and the food sector and its adaptation to future challenges of climate change and scarcity of natural resources as well as promoting international co-operation and rural development.