Ukrainian college students attending at practical training in Germany

For the second time we are glad to welcome Ukrainian college students for a six-month practical training in Germany in the frame of the bilateral project “Improvement of Agricultural Education at Colleges in Ukraine”.

The successful training programme implemented by AKI International and ADT Project Consulting GmbH last year motivated more Ukrainian college students to participate in the practical training programme this year. On May 6th, 2019, 27 students of the four Pilot Agrarian Colleges in Ukraine arrived at AWO-Waldheim in Böblingen to attend the introductory sessions and team building activities. Meanwhile all students are enjoying the “real” farm life in Germany and are learning & working at family farm establishments in the regions of Baden Württemberg and Bavaria until November 2019. Further excursions and joint meetings are planned during the practical training in Germany to exchange experiences.

This practical training is organized in the framework of the bilateral cooperation project to upgrade the educational standards and curricula at four Agricultural Colleges in Ukraine (Glukhiv, Lipkovativka, Illintsi and Myrohoschanskyi) in order to match better the high demand of Ukrainian agricultural enterprises of skilled young professionals.