As part of the “German-Sino Cooperation Project on Animal Breeding and Husbandry in China”, ADT Project Consulting GmbH was conducting a training tour for Chinese professionals from 13th till 25th of October 2019 through Germany.

The training tour provided an advanced training on various topics of pig breeding and husbandry for six participants from around China. The group consisted of three members of the project’s demonstration farm Henan Yifa Animal Husbandry Co. Ltd., the managing director of Henan Yujia Agricultural Development Co. Ltd., the production manager from Xinjiang Tiankang Animal Husbandry Technology Co. Ltd. as well as a breeding and posture consultant from the Heilongjiang Land Reclamation Keyuan Animal Husbandry Co. Ltd.

During their journey, the group traveled from the centers of the German pig production in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to Bavaria.

The training tour focused on biosecurity and hygiene, stable construction technology and housing systems, environmental and climate relevance in pig husbandry, animal welfare, slaughter and feed production as well as breeding and breeding organization. The following companies and partners were visited:

• Prignitzer Landschwein GmbH & Co. KG in Neudorf

• Agricultural Education Center in Echem

• Big Dutchman International GmbH in Vechta

• Böseler Goldschmaus GmbH & Co.KG in Garrel

• LVL Lebensmittel- und Veterinärlabor GmbH

• Caisley International GmbH in Bocholt

• German Genetic Pig Breeding Association Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart

• Baden-Württemberg Sate Institute for Pig Breeding in Boxberg

• Sano – Modern Animal Nutrition GmbH in Loiching