The FESASS (Féderation Européenne pour la Santé Animale et la Securité Sanitaire) conference took place on the 24th and 25th of October in Elvas (Portugal) organized by the Portuguese Animal Health Service UADS (Alentejo) and UCADESA (North Portugal). The conference was initiated due to the new EU animal health law that will be applicable from April 2021. In total 180 participants from various countries and expertise fields contributed to a successful conference.

For the ADT Project Consulting GmbH, Dr Ferdinand Schmitt participated in the conference and presented about ADT’s experiences in the planning and implementation of animal traceability systems and its importance for biosecurity, animal health and food safety. Moreover, he compared legal provisions on traceability of the EU with other regions in the world and provided examples of different practical solutions for animal identification and movement registration.

Furthermore, the discussed topics of the conference included activities to fight Paratuberculosis and the importance of the „One Health“ approach for animal and human health.

More information in German and French as well as the presentations of the Technical Days 2019 can be found under the following links: